Clients and Partners.

Since our start in 2013 we had the pleasure to work on challenging assignments for a variety of clients. We have been- and are still working together with most of our clients listed on this page.

Our clients engage us in a number of ways- we help them with new imagery for branding their projects, create an image for an article or campaign or even decorate their walls with unique artworks.

By creating a custom made concept with an aesthetic and stylistic vision we can offer each of our clients a signature and distinguished look. Because of our interdisciplinary way of working we can think freely about the use and resources of different kinds of media.

We offer a complete service including; art direction, photography, film, post production, make-up and styling.

Client Reviews.

Roodkapje (is a nomadic sanctuary for deviant and unconventional art, music and great food in Rotterdam) was delighted to work with Djojo & Versteeg on the annual MuseumNacht at Worm Rotterdam. As an art organization for young fresh artists, we challenged Djojo & Vertseeg to develop an idea for the night surrounding the concept; ” The Church Of Roodkapje”. They exceeded our expectations and developed a very unique and interesting performative installation using their skills in make-up, set design and photography. Working with them was very gratifying in which they surrounded the atmosphere with their positive energy and creativity. It was a pleasure working with them and we hope we get the chance to work with them again in the future.
– Roodkapje Rotterdam, Samiha Awad

Browsing through Instagram, I discovered a duo called Djojo & Versteeg and I really liked their art: fortunately, they agreed to work with me. Their work is a far cry from your standard ‘cool DJ looking moody in black and white pic’. I realize the shoot we did will not be for everyone. I can already hear the comments from the more conservative promotors out there. I don’t care – I really love how this shoot turned out.